Nida Fazli: end of an era.

Urdu and Hindi, two mothers are mourning for their son Muqtida Hasan Nida Fazli. His USP was subtle message in a simple language. Anybody who knew Hindi could understand the substance of his Urdu poetry. 

Nida Fazli passed away on 8th February 2016. His wiki page doesn’t do justice to his stature but here is the link. 

Nida Fazli was to Urdu poetry what Munshi Premchand was to Hindi prose. Simple language but with profound meaning of substance. Fearlessly commenting on human life and limitations of human mind. 

I don’t know if it is true but a friend told me a story about Nida Fazli. 

Once a journalist asked Nida Fazli as to what was his opinion about Narendra Modi who had just became prime minister? His reply was: “Every person has a dozen or more people in him. You make your pick about Modi and decide.”

The answer was not diplomatic but the ultimate truth. No person can be defined in black and white. No single act can define a life. 

I have never met Nida Fazli hence not the right person for an eulogy but would do a translation of one of his Nazm/poem. It is a comment on our artificial social life full of pretense.

बात कम कीजे जहानत को छिपाते रहिये

Talk less to conceal the idiocy.

बात कम कीजे जहानत को छिपाते रहिये,
अजनबी शहर है ये, दोस्त बनाते रहिये,

Talk less to conceal the idiocy,

Stranger is the city, keep making friends,

दुश्मनी लाख सही, ख़त्म ना कीजे रिश्ता,
दिल मिले ना मिले, हाथ मिलाते रहिये,

Enmity may be bitter, don’t end the relationship,

Hearts may mismatch, keep shaking hands,

ये तो चेहरे कि शबाहत हुई तस्वीर नहीं,
इस पे कुछ रंग अभी और चढ़ाते रहिये,

Face is not the final painting but projection,

(Or:  face is companion not the picture)

Keep painting it with more colours,

गम हैं आवारा अकेले में भटक जाता हैं,
जिस जगह भी रहिये, मिलते मिलाते रहिये,

Pain (depression) loses its way to us in loneliness,

Wherever may be the stay, keep socialising with people,

जाने कब चाँद बिखर जाये जंगल में,
घर कि चौखट पे कोई दीप जलाते रहिये!

Never know when moon may get lost in woods,
Do light a candle at the main door of home.

It is a different matter that I am never comfortable in complying with the advice of Nida Fazli as give in above poetry. 

Please share your views.

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