Democracy needs answerability!

Petition to make politicians more accountable with right to recall.

Democracy of India has become non-performing. Big financial scams have replaced old corruption. Politicians climb to power by making false promises and forget about it. For five years the Government in power is not answerable to people so long it can keep its flock together in legislative assembly. See what has happened in Delhi.

A Chief Minister using Delhi taxpayers’ money, financing his political ambition to be a national party. More than 500 Crore spent on advertisements in a single year as against annual budget of 30 crore. CM of Delhi is not doing any work and infact has no portfolio except tweeting whole day either abusing Prime Minister or writing movie reviews. CM doesn’t even talk about corruption which was his main election rhetoric.

Criminals represent their constituency from Prison. Is this not shameful? One can not practice law or medicine or attend a job from prison but is free to represent people while he or she is represented by a lawyer in court and elsewhere?

By 2010 every one knew that Central Government is doing nothing except helping itself with scams. Yet people had to wait till 2014 election to remove it. Even the apparently corrupt Minister continued. Some of them chose not to fight elections to save themselves from embarrassment.

Now elected representatives are shy of working in Parliament which has become a din of shouting and protesting. Is this democracy?

Now in Uttarakhand, Government is saved by money power with the help of BSP. Is this the mandate of people? There have been many examples in the past.

Another example is changing Chief Ministers for political reasons even if they are doing good in office. People have no say.

These are some recent examples. All parties are guilty of these things somewhere or the other.

Please vote in favour of this petition demanding that the people must be given right to recall their elected representative after two years in office on the grounds of non-performance or misconduct.

Of course modalities in this regard need to be worked out but first we must accept the principle of making politicians accountable to people. The business of rising to power for 5 years to loot the public money must end. We will not remain helpless. Please speak by your vote to make India, a better democracy.

Recall corrupt non performing MLAs and MPs mid term. Now.

Please click on this link to sign this petition which is addressed to Prime Minister and President of India to initiate Electoral Reforms in this direction.




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