Blogging: not a writer’s block. 

Writing or typing to write is not easy. Every person can not write. But some not only write but enjoy doing it. Words flow from nowhere into a blog for such people. Yet sometime a blogger is unable to write or in my case publish.

Perfection block:

In past few months I have publishes less than a dozen published articles. I was not in writers block but was in a perfection block. Most of my writing start with mobile phone. We are hardly creative rather react to people and situation. Hence an article starts. Due to some interruptions or paucity of time it may remain unfinished. Even if finished, grammar checking, spell check mistakes, heading styles etc. are more visible on big screen. Hence the article is saved as draft and thus consigned to perfection block till time pulls it out of burrow and polish it for presentation.

Paucity of time:

There is no better reason to blog then to record for oneself. Hence paucity of time may be a reason not to fine polish but is no reason not to publish. Hence a change in policy.

E. & O. E. 

If you notice every cash memo or bill or voucher contains few letter at the bottom which read as E. & O. E.. These letters stand for error and omissions excepted. So henceforth do not complain about grammar, spelling  or formatting. I may not get time to do that. But with this rider I can relax and publish all the drafts immediately as finals and edit ASAP. Past few posts belong to this genre.


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