I am neither dead nor disabled. 

I have been punching my thoughts on my iPhone and there are at least three articles ready to be posted but could not. These are the reasons:

1. iPhone for WordPress has very poor spell check. Therefore without reviewing it on laptop or desktop, posting an article may turn out to be a ludicrous effort. 

2. I have my hand in too many pies. Personal and professional. I still need to read again for possible omissions. 

3. Sometime every person/writer hits a place from where s/he has to climb back and like many times before, I will. Hopefully soon. 

4. It is not writers block. It is partially processing things and partially professional and personal commitments. 

5. When new things happen, new problems accompany which are to be dealt with. 

6. Whenever you are pressed for time professionally personal things    also press at exactly same time. 

Be here. I shall be back soon. 

All those generous people, who have bought my books or patronised any of my blogs, thank you. But please, be precise and brief when you call on phone and please understand that I can not give legal advice on phone or email, even if I want to because without complete facts, half cooked advise will hurt you. 

Happy holidays to those in India and everybody may have a content weekend. 

{e.& o. e.}

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