Guests on Earth, behave yourself. 

A philosophical view of problem of climate change.

Environment damage is no more a question of debate. It is a fact. Hot and humid September in New Delhi and people under attack by Dengue is another example. Weather is not the only symptom. Depleting water table, polluted ground water, near extinction of vultures etc. are many pointers.

 Why this mad rush to buy more?

Human race has out lived its welcome on earth. Consumerism which was attributed to west is now equally prevalent in metro cities of India, China and elsewhere. Consumerism and consumption are taken as actions of living. Sadly consumption is no more for living but consumerism is living. Buy buy and buy more.

Are we not guests?

Death would be a subject which may seem unrelated to environment and consumerism but it is not. My friend for over two decades lost his mother. About a decade back. After a few months of her death I asked him if he ever ponder about death. His answer was simple that idea of death or its inevitability never occurred him. This is one side of picture. People completely oblivious of imminent and impending cessation of life.

There are others whom death hounds and they throng to temples, churches, gurus seeking security in the next life even if it is not possible in this life. Ridiculous fact is Guru himself is accumulating billions for his sons to secure their future. Religious shops are doing bumper business on the wave of fear of death.

Truth is that we know nothing about death and learn nothing even from those dying around us. We live as if we are going to be an exception to death. I assure everyone that death is neither a Don not a Government. It can not be arbitrary in its imminence. Timing of death is rather random.

Conclusion from death:

Once we reckon the imminence of death, the corollary conclusion is that we are guest on earth. Our visit is temporary. It may be difficult to explain or to understand it in teens or twenties. But maturity whenever lands, the fact of certainty of death would dawn upon an individual.

Normally a guest would behave him/herself. Over indulgence is not a civilised behaviour for guest. Moderation in every respect is the norm. But this human guest simply can not help itself. Havering invented perpetual living artificial creäture like ‘Corporation’ it seems to have believed that it may out live the previous generations. It may but not forever.

Guest need to be reminded of its temporary status. If a person is sure that he is going to die on a certain date after a few days or months, what would he buy?  Take out your bucket list and do it all but why over indulge with possessions. Get rid of few thing everyday. Shopping is an addictive habit which every shopkeeper prays for.

Buddha said: get rid of everything that is not essential. (Or something like that in some other words or somebody else said) question is ‘ do we even bother to consider as to what is essential or not?’ As Lewis once commented “we love stuff.” But to what extent. We love Junk as well. See this link about a picture of a junk. Why the owner of this scooter can not get rid of this junk scooter?

Earth may still support our lives but not our indulgences. Not any more.

The plaque above in three languages and contains a message of Buddha: “This earth is home to all beings; Equal and impartial to moving and unmoving. ” One language is Sanskrit, other is English. Is third one Pali? Not sure.

Please share your views.

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