Diplomatic immunity to human trafficking?

A SoudiArab diplomat is unavailable to respond to allegations of purchasing 2 Napalese women, raping them, faliciting them for rapes by his guests, keeping them in confinement and virtual slavery et. al. Are these allegations correct?

According to police medical report corroborate rapes. They raided the residential premises (in a suburb of New Delhi) of diplomat on complaint from a social worker who in turn was tipped off by another new maid in the household. It is alleged that these maids were earlier taken to SoudiArab for a few months. If we go by press reports, the victims state that they were raped by over 20 persons and several times a day. Horrific.

While the diplomatic aspects are unfolding, I have few questions:

1. What is the status of women in SoudiArab? Are they equal to men in all respect with right to hold property?

2. Are men in general or any particular class in SoudiArab entitled to have personal harem?

3. What kind of evidence is required in SoudiArab to prove rape? My guess is Muslim woman is half witness and non Muslim is even less. Thus if male denies and two Muslim women affirms, evidence is equally decided. Am I correct?

4. Is purchasing a woman is not human trafficking? Is human trafficking permissible in SoudiArab? If not what is the punishment?

5. Why question of human trafficking especially women and children and by diplomats is not taken seriously as a serious problem?

As usual, chances of finding answers are bleak but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Please share your views.

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