1965 war with Pakistan: 50 years of learning. 

Today is day of official celebrations for golden jubilee of 1965 Indo-Pak war.

Whatever that means. I can not think any reason to celebrate a war or violence. This war was wrecked upon India by Pakistan with arms and ammunition provided to it by USA to use against Communist China.

Celebrations for the valor of those who defended India’s citizens & honour but onslaught of death and violence of war is not.

The USA minced no words in telling Pakistan that overstepped its limits but yet, India was forced to retreat. Not only from Peerji Pass, a strategic peak but also to leave poor Pakistan alone to lick its wounds. Needless to say in Pakistan saga, the most energetic errand boy of 1965 war, Julfikar Ali Bhutto tried again and licked dust again in Simla in next decade and was hanged to death on spurious charges years later by a dictator.

Without burdening with reiterated details suffice it to say, but for international pressure and sheer abhorance for blood shed, Pakistan was let go for several occasions, with just a reprimand. At least that is the public perception of people on the ground.

Public perception of Pakistan:

It appears that it is also a public perception that the very existence of Pakistan in this form of Rogue State is the unfinished business of Partition and Independence, pending since 1947. This perception is not only in India but seems to be shared by a section of USA media. See the TV show “HOMELAND”.

It is unfortunate that billion people have to face the fallout of betrayal of Nehru towards Muslim (read Jinnah) in Provinces of India in 1937 by denying the Muslim league any berth in Government to form a coalition Government, as agreed,  merely because he won by majority on its own. (Want the source? read “Partition of India: Legend and Reality” by H.M. Seervai)

Anyhow, I feel the tremors of this discomforting and rather Jurassic logic convince everyone except those in control in Pakistan. They must go to psychiatric counselling but they won’t.

If nothing changes and this proxy war continues, one thing is certain another war is imminent. It is the timing which can be disputed not the one who is going to engage because India is already forced in it.

How sad. 

Terrorism by Pakistan:

Two Pakistani nationals are in arrest in India for infiltrating into India to comit acts of terrorism with their colleagues who were killed in encounter with security forces. None of the two were Kashmiri and thus the so called logic of Pakistan goes out of window that terrorist problem in India is Kashmiri insurgency.

Terrorist problem in India is a problem created, orchestrated, sponsored and cunningly played by Pakistan or one of its wings which need to be stopped. ASAP.

2 thoughts on “1965 war with Pakistan: 50 years of learning. 

  1. I have the faintest memory of this historical moment from my 13th year when I was preoccupied with youthful lusts for girls and passion for the Arkansas Razorbacks football team. And this “innocence” is benign in a certain sense but the “innocence” of my provincial Arkansas community is more telling, reflective of American culture at the time who viewed “matters” like this as so far removed from our experience. And my little village of “Magnet Cove, Arkansas” was filled with “good” people; but this shows just how oblivious “good” people can be when they are caught up in the comfort of their tribal mentality. Life is so complicated. I know why “Jesus wept.”


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