Terrorism for fun: monsters unleashed. 

Terrorism: A long battle of humanity?

Terrorist captured in Udhampur J&K.

Terrorism is a major problem faced by humanity. Few decades ago it was perceived to be the problem of Middle East. Then 9/11 happened and bombings in Europe, Africa and where not. Russia had its own share of insurgency and terrorism. In this region it was India’s problem for last several decades while the snakes of terrorism openly harboured by Pakistan. And then the snakes bit Pakistan as well. In substance, terrorism is now an accepted global problem. The fourth world war is happening. 

Violence and terrorism:

The political and psychological structure of the human civilisation is structured on violence. The competitive spirit which is imbibed from kinder garden is barely short of actual violence. From Roman Empire to conclusion of Second World War by dropping of atomic bomb on Japan’s Nagasaki & Hiroshima, all mark the victory of ruthless and powerfully weaponised over lesser mortals. (Today ironically is 70th anniversary) Terrorism is inspired by these examples. Terrorist are brutally ruthless and pick soft targets.

Old school of terrorism:

Terrorism which was born in Poland five decades earlier has changed its face altogether.  This week marked a new beginning in India. A separatist movement of Naga People in North East formally came to an end. It had started with violence. Forcing the Government of India to negotiations but with condition of cease-fire. And both things happened. After decades of negotiation, peace accord happened last week. This is old school terrorism.

New school of terrorism:

In the picture above is a young man named Mohammad Naved alias Usman arrested by Border Security Force of India in Kashmir after a fierce encounter in which BSF also lost its two brave soldiers. The companion terrorist of Naved was killed in encounter. This is second time India has captured a Pakistani National on a killing spree on Indian Soil. On live televised statement captured terrorist said:

If I die it will be will of Allah…… It is fun….. I like doing it.  

Terrorism what used to be an initiative to kick-start negotiation for solution to a problem is now a fun game. The terrorists of this era are killing machines like robots.

How to stop killing machines:

The problem is no more about violence alone. Use of violence for a purpose, as stated above was part of civilisation. But this psychopathic killers is a new challenge for civilisation. There is no end for these killers. They are obviously on killing spree to kill as many as possible before getting killed. It is like humanity is under zombie attack. So what is the solution?

All nations must come together and discuss this aspect of psychopathic killing. But they will not do. Stupid myopic reasons will prevent it. Nations do not understand a machine lacks compassion or gestures like friendships. It will acknowledge friendship till it has people to kill but once that target is over it will turn to whoever is there. Look at ISIS. It is movement of one Muslim group over another. jihad has taken a new turn. Earlier non-Muslims were externed from Middle East. Now that target is gone, now jihad is addressing fellow Muslims.

Now take a close look at the face of the monster for whom killing is fun:

Looks are deceptive. He is a programmed killing machine. Truth is that the violence is rooted in the principle of might is right. It is a war of supremacy in which reasons and objectives are secondary. And annihilation of entire human race is the only possible outcome because such war will continue till the last supremacist is dead. Of course they shall be prevented. I hope so. Amen.

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