GoDaddy has to go!

Terrible services rendered by GoDaddy:

GoDaddy has serious issues and no customer support. In fact I am not able to find customer support email on there website. When I last reported the hosting problem with GoDaddy, somebody did make comment under that post claiming to be from GoDaddy but after making a standard reply, she failed to answer my query that as to why I was not able to login when there own cPanel was showing everything as normal.

After that, I was not able to log into my account for several occasions. I changed password yet there was same reply incorrect name or password. There are some serious issue with there servers. When I tweeted about the problem, GoDaddy promptly admitted that some people had problem logging into their account.

WP Beginner is a website for beginners in Word Press. In this article it has mentioned 7 symptom, when a host must be changed. GoDaddy meets six out of seven. Hence it is time to move on. Infact because of that log in problem, I shall also have to transfer my domain name away from them as well, ASAP.

It appears that these offer of hosting at about a dollar a month are not serious and they are merely making quick buck by selling one year of hosting but squeezing the resources just after 45 days when refund window closes. It is definitely unfair trade practice in India and is also called anti-trust issues in USA. Appropriate forums must look into it.

GoDaddy if you stumble upon it, please give me the name and address of your lawyers in India, so that they may be served with notice to sue.

Readers if any of you also have problems with GoDaddy, please contact me for a class action suit. I will render every assistance, free of charge, pro bono.


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