Rupees 20000000000000 revenue!

Government of India has earned the aforesaid ludicrous looking but massive revenue of Rupees 20000000000000/- from auction of two resources namely coal excavation rights and spectrum for mobile phones.
It would be interesting to know that the amount earned in these two heads by previous Government was not only ridiculously low but was also struck down by courts as arbitrary and illegal. This auction is second attempt but the revenue earned is unprecedented.
The Congress party which formed previous Government is silent.
Does it owe no duty to explain why this money was not raised earlier?
The bigger question is if this amount was not raised and only a minuscule amount was raised: Who was going to pocket the difference?
Pogo paradox
The silence of Sonia Gandhi ‘owner’ of Congress Party, to the first question answers the second question.
And the answer to second question leads to answer of first question. Which is that no body would self incriminate to answer the question. The deafening silence over the whole matter is too conspicuous an answer.
This is the classic example of pogo paradox in which an event aimed to curtail another event in fact triggers the first event.
Is that right conclusion? Time may tell or may be not.

Please share your views.

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