April fools day 2015.

April fool or 1st April is a day to glorify silly moments in life. The moments when we took a knee jerk reaction as a life changing thought. This day today I dusted up some old Mr. Beans movies and reminded myself of the fact how Mr. Beans is in everyone, at least at some moment, especially when we think we are sure to be intelligent and logical.
Mr. Beans is as logical as one can be.
He is pure logic. What he misses is human. The capacity to see the obvious is human capacity. He frequently misses the obvious. Besides, his lack of human instinct of surviving is compensated by his gloating desire to prove himself better than everyone. The last thing is his umbilical connection to everyday human being.
We are not fooled by what we see. We are not fooled by what we want. We are never lacking efforts. We are fooled by our mind which fails to create synergy between these three and what is in plain sight.

Congratulations Mr. Beans and Mr. Kejriwal on your birthday.

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