Living on borrowed mind.

Own mind:

Do you have mind of your own? Great. Because I don’t. I am frequently able to borrow the mind for doing certain tasks but that’s it. Rest if the time, the mind is on its own. Managing body and fluids, heart beat, temperature, blood pressure and God knows what else. It does all the things on its own. It has never, not even once, asked my opinion. Of course it follows my routine. Too much reckless eating or drinking means too much and often abrupt purgation. Too sedentary life style and may be it speaks through the pain but I am not sure. The worst part is constant churning. It churns even when I am asleep.

Churning of mind

I can step aside of the churning of mind and it is better off but if I poke into its affairs things get complicated.
This best reflected at the time of illness. While body rests the mind does not. It has to manage the body. If at such time I borrow the mind to anything viz. blogging, the result is near exhaustion. If in fever, it will shoot up, if mind is managing some other ailment, thing will go out of hand.
Considering all this, I really can not say or agree with notions like my mind as it is completely on its own. We may borrow it and it may process the information according to our memories or experiences but it is never our own.
Try to own it sometime and let me know how you do it.

Rain of ideas

Oh, I almost forgot the rain of ideas showered upon me by the mind. Ideas could be bigotry, greedy, manipulative, repulsive or abhorrent but all the well dressed in the decent attire of logic and reason. Only the umbrella of indifference can survive this torrent of ideas. Some time I do pick up an idea which seems more near to need rather than greed but often it turn out a mistake with ripple effect.

Options offered by mind:

Mind has tenacity to offer options at every given situation but while it is quick to offer stupid ideas immediately, wise options come rather slowly. On has to be patient in this regard. Another way of getting right answer is to bypass the question. For example the car broke down some where. Asking options could be tiresome. Better ask where the nearest population or what would be the happening place near by.
Mind is better equipped to deal with plain facts rather than complex situations.

2 thoughts on “Living on borrowed mind.

  1. The rain of ideas has been soaking me for decades and I’ve yet to locate an umbrella of indifference on a single topic. I’m utterly saturated with nonsense and bad ideas at this point in my life. Even things that in no way concern me, somehow manage to receive my concern.


    • If you can see the saturation of thoughts, you already have the umbrella. Opening of umbrella at right moment is another matter.


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