Want to become a lawyer?

First advice to an aspiring intern lawyer.

The act of a Lawyer:

The world is a theatre and it is not a mere euphemism from Bard. Wherever we go, we profile others in certain image and as per popular images we as members of society have to ‘act’. Thus we are all actors without any room for innocence. Better actors, naturally are more successful.
Profession of law demands
a lot of theatrics from lawyers. Not only inside court room and negotiation but also in everyday working. All that is added by experience and observation. Just like acting. Observe and act.

The first rule.

The first and most important rule is the dress. Never be informal. Always be prepared to meet a client. Therefore always be presentable in public.

Do as I say and do not do as I do.

It may be only a study session in office or casual visit, lawyer must always be dressed properly. Never get caught in sleeping gown even if your office is at home. There are many reasons. Being formally dressed apart from being inspiring to a prospective client would also awe him/her a little so as not to waste your time and come to the point. Although the main reason of profiling has been mentioned already.
Remember that nobody will treat you as a lawyer unless you treat yourself as a lawyer first.

Caution: Do not get caught in acting or one role because there are different other roles which are to be performed if you need social acceptance. Sanity will prevail only if we remain conscious of our transience.

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