Living in global village.

Vacations in Global Village.

India is now part of global village. This winter we had three Non Resident Indian Guests from around the globe here in New Delhi. Infact there could not have been a better geographically convenient venue.
They were from three different directions namely Canada, UK and New Zealand respectively.
Two have left and the third will be leaving soon. The common thread in all three was shopping. In fact a lot of it. How much we miss our past. it is also called culture and tradition but it is rooted in past. They bought dresses, food, handicraft and what not. They also had to buy for other friends and neighbours back home.
To my utter surprise New Zealand does not permit it’s people to bring any kind of edible food. Nothing at all. Cooked or uncooked. Processed or unprocessed. Is there some misunderstanding?

Are we anything but our past?

Are we anybody other than a conscious tethered to the past memories?
Another question to be explored is the shopping. Why we shop? For our need or greed or to expand our being or to have company of sensational objects to take sting out of our loneliness? My guess is all of it but different reasons for different objects. But that thought for some other day.

Adieu, my friends. Like migratory birds, see you next winter.

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