Talking inconsequential

Small talk is no small matter.

Talking or conversing is an attempt to communicate the perceptions. At least that is how I understood it. But now I am told that I am wrong. I am told that in social conversation, nothing should be spoken which is of consequence.

No honest opinions be expressed for it may result in flurry of activity on the part of listeners. Or worse may start introspection which could be in wrong direction or right direction.

This nudging has made me wonder again about my social handicap. It is not improving at all. A year gone by when I had formulated some points about socializing and here I am, back on the same path and same wooden feet.

Should I learn gibberish?

There was a hermit who would speak only in gibberish. He would speak in intangible mono-syllables which meant nothing. But the problem is if I started doing this, I may be taken to hospital or worse psychiatrist. So that is not the option.

Speaking inconsequential.

Truth is I never felt that anything I say is of consequence. After all I am no statesman. But it appears people take my opinions too seriously. Why they do not discount the possibility that I can be wrong? I am a mortal human being. I can afford to be wrong. Why bother as to what I think?

But no. I have to keep my honest opinions and observations to myself. At least that is what appears to be the demand. So the question is Talk about what?
In one word: Inconsequential. Or worse Trivial.

Talking inconsequential is not always easy. To output garbage one needs to input lot of garbage. May be I should start watching Opera or Friends or reading M&B novels. Why forget Newspapers. Oh yes Stardust magazine. May be Watch ‘comedy night with Kapil’ or ‘Comedy Central’. These are more of an apology of comedy but so what. Garbage in garbage out.

Another option is say nothing. Just smile like Air hostesses. Oops Flight Attendants. Won’t I look awkward?
May be I should keep a vanity mirror. Let me see. I will let you know.

Please share your views.

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