Merry Christmas 2014 without water.

Merry Christmas to all the readers.

Christmas is said to be a time or forgiveness and togetherness. In India unless a person is christian or has close links with a christian family, it is just another holiday in which churches are beautifully decorated. In India the counter-part of Christmas is Deepawali or Diwali. Any how, I would share a jest. This morning I received a SMS from somebody I do not know personally. it congratulated me in these words:

“Wish you a happy, prosperous and merry Christmas……”

The message apparently was written in the same fashion as a Diwali greeting which is festival of prosperity. Any how it shows the ignorance of us all about others. I wonder if I am correct about the first line I wrote above, about forgiveness and togetherness.

A cold, parched but moist Christmas:

Winter is here, in New Delhi and Northern India. This year it arrived late but abruptly. The temperature fell rapidly in a few days with all the paraphernalia of fog and cold waves etc. Unlike previous years, the moisture content in the air is high. Generally the moisture starts to rise in mid January and December is dry. Any how, a few hours of bright sun light at noon made it a real holiday but alas half of Delhi is parched without water. Why?

Polluter never pays:

A few years ago or perhaps a decade back, Supreme Court had propounded a principle that polluter must pay to clean up the mess but unfortunately that rule is being followed more in breach. Two days ago, the water treatment plants supplying water to New Delhi were shut down as the raw water in river Yamuna became too dirty to clean. It had too high level of Ammonia. As against permissible limit of 0.2% it had 2.8% of ammonia. So here we are without water. The domestic helpers and maids are happy for they have a paid holiday.

We will never know who the polluter is. He may have paid but to officials of Water Pollution Control Board, not to suffering public. What is the use of such a department which is so blind sided that it can not control problems of such magnitude? And above all the complete official apathy to find the culprit.

Who invented discharge the sewer and industrial effluent into river streams? Who was that completely blind, crooked idiot?

But this is the price of living in a corrupt country. Having said that where the corruption and pollution is not?

It appears the polluters shall be forgiven in the spirit of X’mas. Is it in accordance with the spirit?

Modi Sarkar and Toilets:

Prime Minister Modi is proud of taking initiative in small things like building toilets in every rural household where it is still not accepted as a norm. But what about the existing toilets? What people are expected to do with those, without water for days? Such prolonged water crises of over two days is something, I had never seen in life, especially because we generally have storage lasting for several days but this time we had none. This also reminded me of depleting water table due to which the bore-well had stopped working years ago. I wonder how people manage at remote places where there is no river around or smaller places where there is no official supply and boring the earth is not an option.

Forget the hardship, Merry Christmas to all. Enjoy the festivities while you can. Be thankful for what you have. I am thankful for electricity and many other things which we are still getting.


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