Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Bijwasan, Delhi

A College or Museum.

Amity School of Engineering and Technology is situated at urban village of Bijwasan, near Dwarka, Delhi. It is affiliated with GGS Indraprastha University of Delhi.

Presently Colleges and Universities in India have no rating or ranking system in India. Therefore the reputation is often weighed on the basis of merit cut off of students and placements.
However the first impression is often the last impression. Amity as an Engineering College also offers Courses in Computer Science and information technology. The website of Amity lists the configuration of computers in its lab on its website.

The most modern computer is listed as 266 MHz speed with 32 MB RAM and 5 GB Hard disk. That was the configuration which stopped rolling out of factories in year 2000 if not earlier.

Yes the lab if it has such computers is a museum. Because these machines existed only before Window XP came into being. Of course headless Linux can run on these ancient machines.
So is it true that this College has these ancient machines and are actually teaching on these machines?

Please share your views.

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