Myth of placement

Placement by University if a myth.
In past decade the number of private universities and colleges which have sprung up all over India is phenomenal. Even a small town had over dozen colleges. Of course the trend is in tune with population.
While demand and supply gap is not wide in terms of numbers it is sea wide in terms of quality of education. Situation is worst in respect of technical education like Law, Medicine and Engineering.
The quality of faculty is no secret. The previous Prime Minister had expressed concern over quality of faculty. The teachers are inexperienced with no or very little practical knowledge. For example a very large number of teachers in Law Colleges have no experience of arguing a matter in court. Moot courts are conducted but students know nothing as to how to present a case or what not to do while presenting a case.
Medical Colleges are turning out surgeons who are afraid of blood and can not withstand stink.
Admission criterion
Delhi University would be the most difficult university in terms of admission. The first cut off of criterion require 99% marks in Higher Secondary. For admission to IIT, the premier technology institutions, not only one needs +90% marks but also need to qualify the joint entrance exam called IITJEE which is also for admission to Engineering College.
As regards admission to other colleges it is a mixed bag. One can get admission with as low as 50% marks in some colleges.
Reasons for poor quality of education.
Apart from faculty, one reason is that barring a few, the syllabus of study is not prepared in consultation with industry.
Testimonials of placement create undue expectation in students that if they pass out they will get a job. They do not try to excel.
Most students join professional colleges to find a job and not because they have interest in the subject. Result is mediocrity. Most students come out as mediocre. Few who excel, get the jobs and write testimonials for college. Except those who do not appear in exam or leave the answer sheet blank, are passed out. After all low passing standard lowers the prestige of the college. But these students flop in job market. Their attitude of vanity take them to similar colleges for post graduation but the cycle repeats it self.
Job placement
Professional courses are per se vocational courses. Students join these courses to find a good job. They believe once they come out qualified as a professional they will immediately get a job. It is only half true.
All universities have put up placement testimonials on its website which gives individual testimonials. What it does not give is the percentage of students who got jobs and the number who did not. Again the salary package is also relevant factor.
Middle class parents flushing with income are blindly perusing these colleges.
Salaries: equality, disparity or social justice.
Here are financial facts. A student with professional degree spends 4-5 years in college and spends between 7 to 16 lacs or .7 to 1.6. Million rupees.
The top of line get a job of half million a year or more for which sky is limit. Rest rot in mediocre jobs with salary as low as 16000 per month.
Now compare it with the salary of high School pass chauffeur.
Yes he also earns about same amount after 7 years of experience. So if a person starts driving at 18 and continue to drive by the time he turns 25 he is worth 16000 per month without spending anything. On the contrary he earns some salary for all these years as well.

Either colleges have to change or parents will wake up some day, may be.

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