No More, A Poem.

This is a poem which kissed me after I watched the last or last but one episode of Breaking Bad. As usual I woke up in the morning with few whispering words which started to swing into sentences and here it was a poem like sentences lying in my phone for quite some time. I have titled it:

No More.

Threshold you returned from;
Door never knocked to enter;
Roof which withered the rain;
House which kept us warm;
Alas is no more.

The peelings from  wall crying;
Hinges were squeaking pain;
Droplets from roof betrayed rain;
Rats and flies now playing the chattels;
Home alas is no more.

Swing in patio still playing with wind;
Pool with water smirking at lightening;
Roses, lilies still smile in the spring;
Lettuce first to leave, cactus be the last;
Dahlia alas is no more.

Little steps, rolling toys while birds were chirping;
Innocent smiles on lips igniting laughter;
Doors remember those endless chases;
Gone are puppies, dogs, birds and parrots;
Childhood alas is no more.

Looks which kindled, touch that was life;
Love so sweet; marriage sweat and sour;
Job that sucked but paid so well,
Me that was all to savour;
Life thou rattling, alas is no more.


About Sandeep Bhalla

A lawyer, thinker, author, Linux/Ubuntu power user but often an economist or gardener or philosopher or cook or photographer depending upon the current thought and environment. View all posts by Sandeep Bhalla

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