Blogging: How to find a good web hosting?

Web hosting hosts: how to judge them?

It is several months. Trying my hand on different hosting services. Some refunded some forgot.

But what is the way out.

Every hosting has a catch. BlueHost comes most recommended but also highest priced in terms of Bharat (Indian) Rupee. And also difficult to reach under Indian law. I have already tried about four hosts.

Unlimited web hosting from UK is something I am trying but Plesk hosting panel seems incompatible with wordpress. Their support seems to have been vanished. But why?

Presently I think the mistake is with wordpress. They run a free version (with built-in plugins) which is never released to world. This is how the new free world order is dead even before it could make an impact.

No issues. They do it for what they earn from advertisements. No problem.

But at the end of day. It is not about an average guy. It is about a nerd who has four arms in CMS.


Please share your views.

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