Goodbye with thanks to blog and staff.

Migrating from to self-hosted blog.

A parting message:

It is going to be slightly less than 4 years, since I started using A fairly easy to use software but to migrate to self hosted site is another ball game. In last that many year there never was any problem at all. Great maintenance job. After migrating to self hosting, I realize that it is brazen forest out there with wild ferocious creatures out on a hunt. But I will survive. I hope so.

The goodbyes are rarely pleasant but in this case, the wordpress staff deserve credit. So far there was no difficulty. The help was great. I only wish if estranged couple could divorce or separate like wordpress does!!! (My professional brethren would curse me for that wish)

But that is life. All the right things happen at wrong or less deserving places. But this step was necessary for SEO limitation in this free version.

All the kind subscribers, whether they read my posts in full or less, would continue to get updates, if they opted from their dashboard, from the new self hosted blog.

All are invited to new home of 

Sandeep Bhalla’s blog.

The old domain will also take to the above link.

Those interested in law may visit where idea is to present law in human readable form.

PS.: I will right about migration of Blog. If some one needs it ping me somewhere to hurry. The information on searching the google is in truncated pieces and quite out of date.

Please share your views.

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