India Election 2014: Many firsts make it to history.

Election 2014 has many unique features.

Many ‘First’ made in election 2014

Election 2014 results:

Elections in India returned Narendra Modi as it’s 14th Prime Minister. Election 2014 largest adult franchise in the world. 814 Million people participated out of 1.2 billion Indian citizens. Apart from largest electoral process ever, This election had many notabilities such as:

1. Looser and winners were known from the beginning. Result only brought out the Modi wave into open. A first clear majority of a party in last 30 years. See the result depicting the tsunami called Narendra Modi, in election 2014. (See the picture frame above with credit to NDTV).

2. A person who started his career as a tea vendor and a foot soldier in his party became Prime Minister of the country, by choice of people not by manipulation or chance.

What a surprise? 3. Largest all India average voter turnout of about 67% is a first in India.

4. Congress Party, the oldest and the dynastically controlled party, could win only 43 seats in parliament. A record lowest number. It’s crown prince Rahul Gandhi  is looking at the election result as this man in the picture (shot by Naresh. Thanks Naresh.)

5. The sitting Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh, not only did not campaign for the party. Perhaps he did not leave his house during entire electoral exercise.

6. This  16th Parliament constituted by, election 2014 would have largest number of  new faces and a Prime Minister who was never a Minister in Central Government.

7. Election 2014 was first parliamentary election in which voters were given choice of NOTA or None of the above’ choice but they returned a first decisive verdict in 30 years.

8. It was the first general election which was entirely on electronic voter machines or EVM as no paper vote was used anywhere.

9. It was first time that election campaign dominated secular issues like  prices, corruption, the economy, security, infrastructure such as roads, electricity and water.

Narendra Modi Prime Minister10. A first election campaign in which ‘Webinar’ was successfully used by Narendra Modi, which was called ‘Chai per Charcha’ (Conference over a cup of tea.) Also the first was use of 3d technology by Narendra Modi.  As per Indian Express report from the rallies: “Narendra Modi rallies have, in recent times, gone on to become full-fledged stage productions involving light, sound, carefully chosen music, stage design and sky cameras — all intended to enhance viewer experience and build the Modi brand.”

11. The financial markets have scaled a new virgin peak in a run up to the results of election 2014.

12. BJP, the party with clear majority in election 2014, is for the first time is in position to implement two of its most controversial promises:

  • Abrogation of Art 370 giving special status to Jammu & Kashmir
  • Enactment of Uniform Civil Code which means abrogation of all personal laws enacted on religious segregation.

Will it do it? Will it do it after 2 years when it gains majority in Upper house?

13. For the first time since 1977, small and regional parties would have no say in decision-making process in Central Government.

14. BJP with Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister of India who is not from Congress Party and whose party has complete majority in the Parliament.

15. Narendra Modi is a first Prime Minister of India who was born in Independent India.

16. First Parliament after 1984 in which there would be no ‘Leader of Opposition.’ As per Rules of business of Parliament the party with at-least 10% seats in Parliament can only be nominated as Leader of Opposition. There is no party with 53 seats in 16th Parliament of India.

There could be many more. Please share and add, if you could discover more.

2 thoughts on “India Election 2014: Many firsts make it to history.

  1. Thanks for your observations about this election. It is stunning to hear of such an overwhelming voter turn out! I am excited for your country and am glad I am here to watch such a revolution in such an amazing, culturally and historically rich country.


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