A poetry: Me, Mine and More.

Jargon of an Organic Computer

Me, mine and more, reality with three shores;
Dredging for who am I; where am I;
Mirror on the wall lies to the pictures on the wall;
Truth and lies, relationships dead or alive;
Please tell me who am I, who am I;

Designs for living, traps of thought;
Running and chasing, enigma of thought;
Covering so beautiful, dressed as thought;
Enlightenment, moksha, nirvana and great thought;
Humanity, compassion, charity all tether of thought;
Who am I, where am I, craves the thought;

Names so many, called so many;
Titles so many, hid and fought so many;
Toys of thought, games and plays so many;
Tongue of thought, tasted and licked so many;
Spouse or sibling, uncle or aunt, lonely with relations so many;
Who am I, why have faces so many;

More to go, buy even more;
Possessions around crave for more;
More is less for the empty even more;
More to sniff and drink, eat even more;
Thirst is more, hunger even more;
More search of I, me is lost even more;

Pain ethereal, lurking in handsome cadaver;
Bantering the talk, wise yet palaver;
Torrent of lies, yet truth occasional shower;
Millions in journey, yet walks the loner;
Drunk in loop of thought, yet called sober;
Noise in action of thought, what to gather;
Scribbling the jargon, yet another organic computer.

6 thoughts on “A poetry: Me, Mine and More.

  1. Hey, that was good too! I like the notion of us being computers interacting according to some programmed script. And the abrupt, staccato style was a nice touch…almost like an old typewriter clacking.


  2. I have this picture in my mind of, let’s say, a wolf – always looking outward, never at itself. And I picture a fox with its leg caught in a trap. The trap has come loose and the fox is dragging it along, only half-aware that its leg is trapped – and that is like we humans, dragging our traps. We are pitiable, and we are wonderful and arouse a lot of compassion. And the only way out is to touch another human being, to connect and lift ones spirits for a while.


    • Very well said. But you said it better when you gave example of ‘head in marmalade jar’. I use that so often, of coure with your permission. But as you said, we must keep our eyes open to watch the movement of ‘wolf’. Regards for sharing.


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