Dream and reality.

A scribble on dreams and reality

Let me sleep.

Dream so real, love so sweet;
Kiss so tender, alive underneath;
Beauty beyond measure, smile so real;
Behold your hope and let me sleep;

Reality so brutal, sleep so sweet;
Feelings and emotions, passionate notions;
Stiffening ambitions, craving destinations;
Waking is the option, lest I may choose;
Behold your hope and let me sleep;

Cries for food, fear for shelter;
Rain in winter, summer on fire;
Withering smiles, stench of blood;
Keep you reality and let me sleep;

Zephyr with fragrant, why call it dream;
See my world, in my eyes, reality cares, whom;
Ethereal is the pain, smile is the weather;
Who cares for shouts, just let me sleep;
Peaches are sweet, berries taste good;
Beer brews, bread buttered, belly no bellow;
Who calls it a dream, feel it like real;
Keep your nightmare, for I want to sleep.


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