Disconnect between knowledge, education and living

What it should feel being alive?

What is education?

Ability to read and write? Ability to acquire skill? Ability to make a living? Ability to live life without perturbation? What is it? A graduate or even post-graduate can’t answer this question. I asked many. An educated having acquired a degree in philosophy has no answer of his own. The views crammed in the course of acquiring education are no answers.

What is knowledge?

Knowledge is a fleeting boom. It is the last kiss of springs. It is last goodbye of fall. An adieu to observation. It needs to be renewed every season. And that season happens to be every day.

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3 responses to “Disconnect between knowledge, education and living

  • 21stcenturyxstian

    There is so much to say in response, so much that “words (cannot) wield the matter.” So I will merely say “Wow” and thank you.


  • David Bennett

    I am reading Aldous Huxley’s ‘Island’, which I first read when I was a student. I recommend it if you haven’t read it.


    • Sandeep Bhalla

      Thanks. I shall definitely read Huxley. Actually I was highly impressed by the foreword Huxley wrote in one of Krishnamurti’s books. It was ‘First and Last Freedom.’ I will find ‘Island’ soon.
      BTW, this article was accidentally published unfinished. I have completed it now.