Few thoughts about death.

When death is sweet.

About death:

Death is the only certainty in life, its timing is not. While I was watching the funeral arrangements being made for the body left behind, my mind was struggling with waves of thought. What is death? Is it distinct from life? Is life part of death or vice versa?


Death in ripe old age of 85! Is it a matter of sorrow or relief? Actually the sorrow is for our loss. It depends on our dependence, financial or moral. The less dependent we are on the dead, less meaningful and even lessor is the depth of our sorrow.
The saddest emotion is generated by the reminder of mortality of life. There is nothing more sad than the realisation that the continuity of our routine called life comes to an end with death. This realisation renders all our ideologies and tactics to survive meaningless. Such realisation emits the burbling emotions through ear ducts.
The first impression of the dead was the rigid but calm face. The sanguine personality and warmth of the body was gone. ‘He’ became ‘it’. Lying on his back, the face had a look of relief. It was a relief to know that death came as a final relief.

Fear of death:

Fear of natural death is rather exaggerated. Death is sweetest of all sleeps and irrevocable. It appears that so-called ‘pain’ in death is a myth. Losing consciousness irrevocably is no more painful that falling asleep but that will ruin business of at least half of the religion selling shops.

Resistance to death:

Death reminds the inevitable interruption of the ways of mind and body. The sensations lose attraction, emotions no more stirred, pain impossible, pleasure becomes irrelevant. Death is a transition from being mortal to divine. Why would anybody deny it or postpone it?
The mythical stories, the celestial non-existent heaven and hell which is obviously present here in our life time, stories of reincarnation into animal life, ghosts and possessed people and above all so-called possibility of ‘Mokasha’ and ‘Nirwana’, the two most abused words and fear generated from such manipulative stories outweighs the truth.
Of course it does not mean that our actions are inconsequential. On the contrary our every deed has an impact not only on ourselves but also upon the entire human kind but that is a different issue.

Preparing for death:

The myth creates stories and fear which produces resistance to death and every resistance is a friction which is painful. Resistance produces pain, greater the resistance, greater is pain. Often modern medicine which has yet to find a healer, compound the resistance with false hope and what was a matter of instant transition becomes a hard-fought match.
It is a matter of concern not to bestow attention upon our going into and out of consciousness and the half conscious state called ‘sleep’. Only proper attention to falling into and waking from a normal ‘sleep’ can explain the facts stated about. An opposition without testing a proposition, is an act we can not afford. Do give it a try it.

Why go into inevitable, unprepared?

4 thoughts on “Few thoughts about death.

  1. Sir, I agree with your thought regarding death bus as I think death is as beautiful as life. Its the part and parcel of life. We should prepare for death and enjoy it without pain and fear.


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