Recovering from encrypted /home in Linux.

Encrypted home folder in Linux/Ubuntu/Mint

Recovery of Files:

To recover files from an encrypted /home folder in Ubuntu/Mint we need to remember the login password of the Ubuntu/Mint installed on that disk. Boot from the live cd or USB. Let’s hope that encrypted disk is readable. Enter following command at the terminal:

sudo ecryptfs-recover-private

It will result in following output:

INFO: Searching for encrypted private directories (this might take a while)... 
INFO: Found [/media/mint/c2cb757f-0405-4615-8f2a-080429872137/.ecryptfs/username/.Private]. 
Try to recover this directory? [Y/n]:

Enter ‘y’ and shall be prompted with this message:

INFO: Found your wrapped-passphrase Do you know your LOGIN passphrase? [Y/n]

Again enter ‘y’ and shall be prompted with this message:

INFO: Enter your LOGIN passphrase...

Now enter the log in password you used to log into the defunct system installed on that disk. Voila, this should do it. The partition is installed.:

Inserted auth tok with sig [0bab7367ec896c0a] into the user session keyring
INFO: Success! Private data mounted at [/tmp/ecryptfs.z1qWJ5fd]

Retrieve the files. Save retrieved files on some other storage, for if the disk or system is corrupted, the entire disk is to be reformatted. New install on encrypted partition is not possible.

All the best.

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