Does ‘Yes’ mean anything?

Language is a barrier. It is so because not only the meaning of the word changes over time, place or context and it is not easy to keep track of the same. Something similar happened to word ‘YES’. The word is supposed to denote agreement but frequently it’s means something else.For example how many times we have heard, ‘ Yes, sure’, ‘Yes, I have noted it’, ‘Yes, I understand’,  ‘Yes, I will keep it in mind’,  ‘Yes, I will read it’,  ‘Yes, I will eat it’ or something similar. But in spite of another assertive suffix, ‘Yes’ only acts as a request to end the topic. Nothing more. Perhaps ‘Got it’ has more affirmative value but ‘YES’ does not mean anything, any more.
It does not matter why it is. But the result is that we have to fall back upon out basic instinct to observe. Like we do with dogs. We observe for follow-up action. If matter is of our interest we try to persuade again, otherwise we let go of subject.  The so-called superior communication faculty of humans, in the meanwhile, kisses the trash. I have no idea, what to do. Let it be so.
May be somebody has a better suggestion, besides not to pound my head on such mundane matter. So I wait. As always.

Happy springs to those in Northern India and wherever it is springs.

Please share your views.

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