Publication Industry and Grammer Editor.

The rule of writing is that there are no rules. If Wordsworth wrote as per rules, it would have been prose not poetry. Shakespere was criticised for poor use of words by his contemporaries.

But the critics are long dead and forgotten. English language is a speaking language added by a variety of other languages and speakers. It’s popularity is on account of it’s flexibility about rules. If someone disagrees, s/he should study, Sanskrit Language and its rules. The difference will be apparent.
Publication, like all businesses is a monopolised by a few even if they are in large numbers. Until the concept of self publishing came into effect, an author was completely at the mercy of the Publisher. Every Publisher employs a panel of grammar editors to assist the author. It is a good practice. But the problem arises when the grammar editor trenches upon the thoughts of author.
Recently I happen to see some suggestions made by a grammar editor and was surprised to see the mechanical approach. Some of comments were:
‘Great thought but wrong place’
‘Too much description’
‘Should stick to the point’
‘Out of context’
And few more like this. Now assuming that grammar editor is right, and all the above is his/her opinion, what will happen; every book edited by this grammar editor would be same, or not?
Writing is an art which differs from person to person. Some use active for some passive, some have short sentences, some have long. It is writing style. I think grammar editors should refrain from producing cloned copies of their own mind set about writing.

© Sandeep Bhalla

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