AAP: technique to break promises.

Dilution of populist promises
The media gimmick of travelling in public transport by the Ministers in Delhi’s AAP Government may not be enough to bring the people to support the AAP another time in three months. The tall promises of free water and electricity at half rate has so far been diluted to the extent of breaking the promise itself. The implementation of 20 KL free water and introduction of 50% subsidy for those consuming less than 400 units of electricity, may be a way to start things up but the mood on the street is that of breach of promise. Unless AAP actually live upto its tall promises on basic issues, before the General Elections, it may not repeat it’s performance by merely being a dream merchant. After making, tall promises, and coming into power, the party which says that “Conditions apply” is simply deceiving the public.
However such sectarian move of AAP, may consolidate it’s position in lower middle class households. That will only harm the Congress in long run. But it exposes the Aam Aadmi Party’s ‘vote bank. Politics’. Something the Congress Party was expert at, for last 66 years when regional parties out did it in the ‘vote bank politics’ and Congress was reduced to minion party looking for right apron strings to hang to.
Will the regional parties or one man or one family parties take over from Congress, everywhere?
However change from one dynastic party to another is no change for better. But unfortunately, that may become a fact. But we have to wait for the future to unfold itself.

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