Happy New Year 2014

New year wish and New Year resolution is something in vogue for too long. But it never seem to have helped, rather it is merely a stressful thought for few days to weeks and months. Why be so impractical.
Let’s live dangerously insecure by not formulating any resolution or silly wish. For once let us take life as it comes. Accept the fact that our tinkering does not turn out the way we expected or thought, especially in relationships and people. Therefore no resolution and no wish except:
New Year 2014 be full of joy for living and life.

© Sandeep Bhalla

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2014

  1. I have a view on this and I would share it in these words:
    1. Best is nothing. What is here and now is best. Living is not achieving much less in relationship. Communication is the relationship and that differentiate between possessions and relations.
    2. Trying to improve is often attempt to manipulate which brings unforeseen results alongwith expected. So why not live with uncertainty in the first place?
    3. All we can do is change in habits but old habits give way to new ones so why not understand the habit itself for that may get rid of it.


  2. Lol….. well If I touch them this year then my next year’s resolution will be not to touch them..:).
    I do believe in looking back to analyze where I fell short and try to correct my self or improvise. Be it relationships. be it working style etc etc. And year end is the best time for that.


      • took some time to mull over.. may be the best is still not achieved. so still trying to improvise every year. how ever the growth varies . certain traits I want to change but the result remains the same. like getting up late. may be that’s what u mean to say …. to accept this and work on how to cope up. thanks


  3. “For once let us take life as it comes”…..yes we have no choice but to…. But if those resolutions are based on retrospection to organize ourselves then what’s wrong???
    happy new year sir.


    • You mean we need a resolution that we will not touch a live naked electricity wire or that we will not put our hand on firing gas burner etc.?
      Thanks Madam and a Joyous New Year to you and your family besides Radhasoami to your……. .


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