Maya: The enchanting illusion of blogging.

Maya is a Sanskrit word which is often used in Hindu Mythology and scriptures to define the phenomenon called ‘the World.’ A variety of translations or interpretation of this word exist and are being propounded. It however appears to me that real meaning of word ‘Maya’ is ‘enchanting illusion.’ To explain it is an illusion which not only look real but appear to be there when it is not. A kind of backward Mirage of past, extending into present. To exemplify, the Blogging efforts made by some bloggers.

There is a Blogger with friends all over the world. Friends speaking their own languages. Neither English nor Hindi. I always wonder that if they translated and read the blog before fixing ‘like’. This friend Blogger would boast about readership in 128 countries, before beer, of course. But per day visits betrayed that number. With hardly, 20 views per day, it was an illusion that all of them were reading it.
Similar is another Blogger, who starts the post with usual political rhetoric: ‘Dear friends we talk about **** today.’ Addressing imaginary people. This when nobody seem to bother what you are writing.
The so-called ‘likes’ and meaningless comments like ‘very good’ or similar merely reinforces the illusion. The truth is that every person is looking for only: ‘what he is looking for’, Period. The real life pretense made by courteous expressions/wishes in the form of ‘like’ is carried into illusion. Worst sufferer are those who are glued to their screen all the time even when they have no proxy, sponsorship or motive to sell.
In real life commercial interests keep people occupied in activities which generate money. Many come to blogging, for money which remains always illusive. Blogging is no different from real world.
Of course if motive is to keep record of events, ideas or a diary to remember thoughts, before they disappear in the mist of abyss called mind, money factor does not matter so long the illusion does not enchant to keep a person hooked up, too long to spoil living.
Writing is not easy and to catch hold of write-able thoughts is often more difficult. Here comes re-blogging to rescue of ‘Great Blogger’. Recycle the content and presume the great contribution to society and ‘followers’, who may have opted not to receive the update from server.
But it would be unfair without appreciating the great original content from some of the blogger who could scavenge their mind out on paper oops, blog. Great expression from such blogger. There are blogs from teenagers showing the maturity of adults. There are blogs from middle age people showing their problems in maturing, and yet more from giggling ladies who never left their teens behind. Let these all expressionists keep writing for ‘themselves’ unaffected by ‘blog maya’.
P.S. This writing is inspired by a post from David Bennett’s blog.

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