How to decide about Guru or Radhasoami (RSSB)?

While physically we grow up from being a tiny chromosome, so small that entire population of this planet can be kept in a test tube; to be 5/6/7 feet tall but our need for psychological authority does not diminish. Why we need a guru or god to tell us every step we take? Why can’t we take responsibility for our actions? The ripple and repercussions we create with every action? Why we need the god or his son or some other relative or representative be here to tell us what to do? How lonely and painful is this life, that we miss the creator or want thou to see our misery?
These are some of the questions which arose after talking to a sister from Karnataka (a Kannada speaking state). She spoke Hindi quite well. It appears the ambition of RSSB is to penetrate south more effectively. The ambitious strategies of State are no different from Religion. Both work with their army to ensure surrender before authority. Though both use different armors and ammunition.
This sister had read this blog about Radhasoami activities and wanted ‘me’ to help her decide to choose the ‘Guru.’ Initially I chuckled but then I realized the gravity of pain behind the request.
How alluring is the offer of salvation after a life time of struggle for survival and pain of disappointment in relationships.  How convincing is the army of blind propagandists in this ‘Kalyug‘ where only dreams of tomorrow are sold!
While this noble lady was concerned with certain allegations of past and present, she had no clue how to approach the problem? My suggestion would be to look at the facts. Esoteric claims are impossible to prove or disprove but monetary movement is often, quite visible.
1. What is the need to buy land and open prayer houses in every town if object is not to recruit regular army of propagandists and to collect donation? Especially when it is openly told that personal meditation is most important and not the attendance at preaching (satsang).
2. If Guru or priest is so powerful in afterlife why he/she needs so much money in this life?
In case of RSSB, why Guru needed Rs.12000 millions for his own children. I do not allege siphoning of funds but I do ask why he is not donating it to his own religious orgnisation? Why not set up education centres? Why not adopt poor villages? Why not go to eastern UP or Bihar and put up water pumps?
3. Religion run on public money is a public trust. Why is it registered as a society? Why not as a company limited by guarantee? But that would make the accounts transparent?
4. Where are the accounts, any way?
5. Followers are nice people. No body attacked me except by vocally here on blog. They behave very kindly if you tell them that you are also a follower and greet them with ‘Radhasoami’. But when it comes to money and business dealing or dealing with strangers they are as brutal as any body. No different. In fact guarantee of salvation relieves them of any reason of effect of ‘Karma’. They continue to be brutal every day while acting nice as follower or satsangi!

6. While nothing is said by Guru or recorded in books or preaching, myth is perpetuated through propagandists that by seeing (darshan) the guru all their past misdeeds or Karma are washed away. This has two effects: one the business of followers and charity flourishes for the Guru but for society this ruthless army of followers remains in-compassionate and brutal in their dealings. Degeneration continues.
7. The succession of guru is within same family and the religious business empire remains in the family.
8. The guru or follower will talk everything but will not answer any question. Ask him the questions I have raised.
9. Last time when as a teenager I wrote a letter and asked about some hypocrisy from then Guru Charan Singh, his answer was ‘do not be analytic, bhajan karo.’
10. Teaching of meditation is a fraud. True meditation is an entirely different thing.
11. While rich and middle class sponsor financially, poor join for free food. Is that enough? What could the guru do for millions starving on this planet or surviving on one meal a day? He could use his divine powers if not money, personal or religious. He never visits a city without a five-star hotel.
12. My writing will offend blind followers. It would be a matter of time when these programmed propagandists/followers may turn violent. They may be waiting for divine pardon. If so happens, I can write this body off and say good-bye. After all I do not have Z-plus security like RSSB GURU.

However all the people who lost themselves off their last shred of humanity, at the altar of hypocrisy of organised religions which are nothing but another form of political ambition; do need compassion and not dislike or hatred.

Disclaimer: Nothing stated here relates to the ‘Guru’ beer. Any resemblance to that is totally co-incidental and any aspersion to that beer is unintentional.

© Sandeep Bhalla


8 thoughts on “How to decide about Guru or Radhasoami (RSSB)?

  1. LOL well i do have one like ur kannada speaking sister at home. btw he too speaks kannada so am I. our day begins with this argument of RSSB and ends with the same. even after 20 yrs of our marriage we have not succeeded in our mission. 🙂
    v good analysis hope it opens some eyes at least.


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