The global conspiracy of toast.

A toast is a toast is toast, wherever it is called. The empire of toast at present is larger than the empire of Great Britain before it was disbanded. However it appears that the toast, beaming with such vast reign, have entered into a conspiracy of some sort. The exact object of conspiracy is to be discovered but actions speak louder than words.Why all toasts are not of same thickness. Irrespective of brands and manufacturer, small or big, cut manually or automatically; the thickness of each slice of bread is never same. Why?
Perhaps it has formed some kind of envy of humans due to their variable sizes! Difficult to say but I would like to contact some eminently intelligent people around the globe, on the subject to unravel the mystery behind this despicable disparity and a wanton act of apparent blasphemous inhuman Work of Mass Disguise.
There is one ex president of USA, not the father but son. You know whom I mean. He being so intelligent and with experience of two terms, may be able to help. There is a pop star from UK who though has difficulty in standing straight but since she believes she is intelligent, I believe her. There are many from India especially those in blue turban but that has to wait till next year when they become ex. and shall be roaming around TV studios as experts.
A word about ex-es. If divorce is smooth and parties part company very peacefully, they often maintain ties that may be they should start ‘Rakshabandhan’.
Reverting back to main subject, any person who may stumble across these pages may also suggest some names so that we may unearth this global conspiracy before it is too late.



© Sandeep Bhalla

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