Why are you sad and negative?

Do you ever say ‘WOW’?

A friend has asked such questions. According to her, this blogger is a negative person who finds fault with everything. At best this blog offers dark humor and at worst it looks at things upside down. The most despicable is the facetious attitude towards the human emotions. In the end the same question prefixed by another ‘Are you never happy for anything? Questions may sound many but essentially it is a single question. And answer is in full public glare.

There is no such thing as happiness but there is a state of mind called unhappiness. It also has many names likes boredom, dissatisfaction, envy, jealousy, despair and depression amongst others. The happiness as we know is the absence of unhappiness. If there is no cause to be unhappy, we should be happy but there are many more complex layers of memories in mind which do not help. Because of this complexity we always associate happiness with something like a place or person but essentially that catalyst’s role was to force us into full attention. This state drag us out of our layers of memories. The other kind of happiness derives from action is an occupation of mind. Wow! How simple.
I have transcended the state of happiness and unhappiness by understanding it. Just like thunder. When it is lightning I stay away from woods. When something undesirable or unanticipated happens, I stay away from past memories or future projection/planning.
It is very simple if we can see it. Like riding the cycle if we know how to balance. BTW this balancing act is always learned in a moment. And forgotten many times
until it is finally stuck to us for rest of life.
I have already said Wow! Once. I say it everyday morning when I get up. “Wow! Still here! Known place
s and roles are great.”

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