Jawahar chacha in 2013.

Every 14th November is celebrated as Children’s day in  India. It is birth day of late Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru. The best part is that there is no study in schools. This certainly is a fun for children. Why and how the late Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru came to become chacha Nehru is not clear but does not matter. It is however said that he used to emphasize the need to protect children and raise them as future of country. The family of chacha Nehru has taken it most seriously and every child in their family is treated as rightful future Prime Minister of the country. Better still, nobody ever had to work for living.
I was however wondering if there is an after life and I could find a way to send an email by hacking into network of afterlife, what would I write to great grand dad of this generation?
Here is my effort:Dear Jawahar,
Hope you are not offended by addressing you on first name basis. How can you be. You were always so close to west that she had trouble to let you go. We are even more closer. We are giving licence to USA to install and experiment all their prototypes of nuclear power plants and they will only have to pay small damages if something goes wrong. What can go wrong, if few lakh people get killed, even more better population is already three times over from your time.
We always wonder while your tastes were so British, how could you wear that Achkan and churidar payjama. BTW, you would be glad that this dress is the latest fashion as a dress of bridegrooms. Do you have TV’s up there. Watch any serial made by Balaji. No no it is not Tirupati Balaji temple. It is TV show producing company.
Now that you are in after life and not more a body, so how do you feel. Weightless? Timeless? Or what? Do you still call Gandhiji as Mahatma (means great soul)? After all all of you are now Atma (soul) and those not suffering in hell are Maha Atma or great soul.
You must knowing that you UN going mistake (over Kashmir) was rectified by your daughter in Simla even though she almost repeated Tashkent folly. Your soviet style nationalized industry policy was reversed way back in 1990 and now Governments sell whatever can be sold when they have unmet shortfall in budget.
I wonder if you ever discuss the Constitution of India with your daughter. I am not concerned how she tried to castrate it. But the fact that The Directive Principles placed in unenforceable section of Constitution. A.R. Antulay to Bofors, Commonwealth games to Helicopter and Onion and Tomato, all scams. In the face of such massive corruption, what is the point of having any Directive Principles when the only directive is to earn and deposit in Swiss Bank.
Do you remember that upper house in Parliament with indirect system of voting by legislature. BTW in USA the Upper house of senate is now an elected office. What I was curious to know that did you ever envisage that a prime minister would run a country for ten years without ever facing the public or election? It has happened. I wonder if this scenario was missed or you thought conventions would take over.
Oh yes, an important point. Inspite of very good effort by your press management, every medical student disputes the cause of your death. Is it a bad rumor in bad taste? But we can not know the truth now? Your medical records were never made public. There is no autopsy. Only death certificate. But have no sorrow. We still have more deadlier diseases even though we have found treatment for older ones. However it really saddens to know that all three generations, you your daughter and grand son could not complete the natural life and see the follies of what they created. We all make and learn from wrong mistakes but how can we if we do not see it thoroughly?
The fact is that nobody miss you at all, if any of policy or decision is concerned. If you ask any person on the road by your name in Delhi that person will reply: ‘You mean ‘JNU’? or may be to some stadium or place. Yes you have more worshipers who have named almost every third buildings and institutions after you. Every second building is named Gandhi or Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi. Did you anticipate it?
Enough from earth. How are things up there. Do your father also with you? Does he still tells you things like in old days. He is said to be a very brilliant lawyer. I wonder why he never find time to write. Was it politics or his love for you?
Now nobody calls nobody as Chacha any more not even real chacha. Everybody is Uncle.

P.S.: Chacha means father’s younger brother.

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