The winner and successful club: an idea.

Win and be successful.

Win and success are two words most popular on the book shelves of self-help books and the websites of all kinds of marketing professionals. Success means to achieve desirable result. That is the dictionary meaning but it does not speaks about means employed to achieve result. No I am not heading into a moral debate. My point is different. So success is achieving a result which was desired.

Question is: Did our planning, scheme, pattern or method employed to achieve the result worked? All the way? No deviation and no improvisation? If answer to all these questions is yes, please do not hack into earth’s Internet and leave us humans alone to meddle with our life.

We plan and scheme but on every step there is a twist.

Something or somebody unanticipated or unforeseen comes up. Does it not happen?It is often felt that celebration which follows a success, is to celebrate the end of misery of testing, implementing and improvising the scheme everyday. The tyranny of objective which was pulling us through the thorns, rough terrains, stress, insomnia etc. ended.


Celebration is a celebration, whatever may be the occasion. Celebration starts with congratulations, facilitation and flattery followed or filled with drinks, lunch, dinner or may be some orgy. It may last one day or more but it ends. That hurts. Suddenly we are bored. We miss all the hoopla. We miss people and everything. I have an idea. It is inspired by a place I visited and wrote about, some time back.

Start Winners clubs:

There should be Winners’ Clubs and/Pubs. These should have distinct culture. They must ensure that each person is attended by 50 or more people one by one till the Winner is completely drunk/exhausted and dispatched home. Each attendant must be properly attired to look like co-worker or something. Congratulations and flattery must never stop. The winner must feel like winner.

Sounds impractical? But people are already doing it? People contesting silly elections, fighting over silly things, throwing parties for trifle. What are they doing and by whom are they surrounded? Sycophants! Flatterers or friends?
Why are they doing? Only because they have nothing else to do.

Fall is here. Winter is cooling in night. It is a party time. Every week, every weekend, and in last week of December, every day.


Please share your views.

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