Experiments with sonnet writing.

We know so much about everything that is happening around us but we know so little about ourselves. Every day unwraps a layer of shroud around our consciousness. Last weekend I experimented with poetry. It often happens that a sentence due to choice or words would strike me and I would chuckle and rhyme it, sometime to the annoyance of listener. Any how, a bit of scribbling jumbled up few rag-tag combination of words. Here below, I have experimented with ‘Sonnet’ style, if that can be called style. It is not what it should be but this is what I could do, so far. It is about homecoming from vacation. How return from retreat, renders a relief as also feel so boring. Actually every person is a King and his home is his castle. symbolically, every person behaves like King and Queen, may be without a large estate.

King has arrived:

King has arrived, Queen has arrived,
King shall be king, Queen shall be queen,
Remove candle stubs, Palace be cleaned,
Walls, doors and floors would again, glean;

Mow the lawns, prune the bushes and  tree,
Queen to be pleased, King to be king again,
Ring the bell, let poor know to get gifts, free,
Open the doors, let realm be cheerful again;

Ministers may come, Priests may come,
The palace now is Springfield again,
Orphans need not wait, poor may come,
Let cheery Kingdom enliven again;

King needs to ponder, Queen need some sleep,
Matters of State, need cogitation, immediate,
Ships need armour, Cavalry needs upkeep,
Decisions to be taken, longer can’t it wait,

King shall deal with problems, few can’t wait longer,
Bolt the horses, caress the cat and walk the dogs,
Relatives arrived for talk, royalties can’t be placed on hanger,
King has his hand full, Queen busy with pecks and hugs,

Boat in the lake, is talking, Gossip is around ,
Speculation is in air, Queen brought something,
King is not talking, but King is not proud,
Queen is hiding something, which is not everything;

Expectations are forgiven, Forgiveness is forsaken,
King will take the reign, start with pleasing the queen,
Charity is in air, coins would be flung on population,
Crowds shall cheer again, wait did not go in vain;

Dogs will bark,
Illness will coo again,
Plants shall parry again,
Rain shall be waited,
Clouds shall thunder again,
Breeze shall be noted,
Reign shall begin again,
Kings’ might shall be voted,
King shall be king again.
Queen shall be queen again.

© Sandeep Bhalla

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