Nature is the poetry.

While I was in garden, this morning, a light haze appeared for few moments and I caught it spinning this poetry:

Look at me now.

Look at the friendship;
Found by humans, bred by canine;

Look at the dreams;
Sweven few, lived and lost all;

Look at the Sun;
One in flames, life for all;

Look at the rain;
Vanishing clouds, bloom and boon for all;

Look at the squirrel;
Size so small and abode tree so tall;

Look at the moon;
Light and cool but nothing else at all;

Look at the flowers;
Smile and bloom, fear no wither at all;

Look at the ant;
Trail long with weight all along, industry no small;

Look at the humans;
Found on earth, lost in thought beyond 5 all;

Look at me;
Eat, fat, tall, no good for anything at all.


© Sandeep Bhalla

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