Surviving the Saviours!

A call from saviour.

Life is a continuous affair of activities till it is passed on to another without any interruption due to death of one or many. The division of day and night is a convenient way to rest in between. The sleep that night did not rejuvenate because of the urgency to dwell into a long phone call. Late night phone calls or television or any such activity disturbs the pattern of sleep.
So here it was. A call from an elderly friend who was concerned about an aspect related to me was to be returned. The trouble was that she was acting on behalf of a saviour. Not of a religious kind but yet a modern saviour.She wanted me to agree to some brilliant idea or scheme of saviour. The problem is that the saviour was the cause of the problem in first place and since there was no reason to listen to him, this proxy was chosen. How interesting is the manipulative mind? Completely blind to observe itself or others. It wants to act as saviour. The desire is so strong that it caused the problem in the first place. Or was it to impress the proxy? Probably this was the reason. The idea or scheme was not only ridiculous but also preposterous. However it was sufficient to convince a simple mind that propounder/saviour has genuine interest in my welfare.

Surviving the saviour!

The only bravery in the face of such cunning saviours is to step back and if possible run away. The solutions offered by saviours most often are a turnstile which never stops. We ordinary mortals survive with our humble lives without saviours but what can saviour do without ordinary mortals.

If saviour is religious, his religion would come to halt if no soul remains to be saved even if the saviour does not know where to find or keep his soul. Financial saviours business would come to an end if new people in need are not found and helped. After all if every need is fulfilled who needs a saviour? There are political saviours  who are prominent in election season. What would they do if there are no voters? And of course the saviours of justice, about whom it was mentioned in last post.

So here we are struggling with life and surviving saviours. Or is it vice versa?

Please share your views.

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