Oh reader! Repetitions are unintended.

Mind is frail.  Memory of waves of thoughts wavering. Possible repetitions are unintended but forgivable. Leonardo had written about this problem in his Notebook (Vol. I) :

Oh reader! Do not
blame me, for the subjects are many and memory cannot retain them [all] and say: ‘I will not write this because I wrote it before.’ And if I wished to avoid falling into this fault, it would be necessary in every case when I wanted to copy [a passage] that, not to repeat myself, I should read over all that had gone before; and all the more since the intervals are long between one time of writing and the next.

If Leonardo could not help it, me a person of humble mental faculty can not do much about it either. Kindly bear with it.

2 thoughts on “Oh reader! Repetitions are unintended.

  1. Did you do that drawing? I presume so???? It is very interesting, compelling in some way. And, I owe you a response to a couple of recent communications which I will try to take care of today. And thanks for the quotation


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