Do not exhaust on UFO or Alien Uprising Movie 2012

It is a complete challenge to create such moving garbage with so many beautiful faces. Jean-Claude Van Damm was at his creative best in remaining completely irrelevant and unimpressive like rest of the cast and viewers would like to damn them all together without any exception. Reason for taking up such movie by Jean-Claude can at best be explained by his psychiatrist if he has one or as and when he hires one, if it is not too late already to do that.

me & Jean-Claude Van Damm

I regret that I did not read the review on imdb which cautioned and advised to chop wood or something else for entertainment rather than wasting time in trying to understand what these allegedly creative people had put together and were calling it movie. It is shot like a home movie with absolutely no care or rather a careful aim not to show anything except faces. The camera keeps jumping from one face to another. Dialogues or faces depict no emotion except of anger. The worst part is that it is difficult to say what was worst: the Script, dialogue, acting, cinematography or direction.

alien-uprising (UFO) 2012The mercy of Director Dominic Burns (who also wrote the script) as also the Photographer is supreme. They have shown that they need not be disturbed for any work except for teaching a toddler below the age of 6 years, as to how to make movies. If that toddler survived them and yet chose to make movie as a career, he must be stubbornly talented.
All the best. We do need un-creativeness to appreciate the creative people.

2 thoughts on “Do not exhaust on UFO or Alien Uprising Movie 2012

  1. I actually liked the move, the issue was I couldn’t tell if it was 2 alien races fighting each other on earth. The biggest glarying example of this is the end of the movie where it shows 2 giant ships seemingly firing on one another. There was just so much left unsaid.


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