The most difficult task in life?

It is a question. What is the most difficult task in life? We are trained to achieve. To chase desires and wants while often ignoring our needs. Most considered privileged, have arrived somewhere in life even though it is not that always elusive destination. We achieve and continue to achieve more and more possessions. So what is ‘the most’ difficult task?

It is a moment of complete un-achievement. It is the moment when we are not performing any duty. It is the moment when we are not working. It the moment when we are not entertaining either food, drink or Television. It is a moment when no company occupies us. It is the moment when thought becomes still or our mind is not thinking or dreaming and yet not asleep.
Has it happened? The moment of ‘nothing’! It actually did and it does. We are simply too occupied with our thoughts, actions, dreams and duties that we do not know that it exists. It is like a small curve on the road. We steer through the curve and road becomes straight again while we forget the curve.
We resort to rituals of life and divine. We act like cog in giant wheel of production and services without ever noticing that pause. That pause of eloquent silence. That bursting ocean of sublime calm. We are too busy to deal with the storms of anxiety and lightening of despair. Too busy to protect ourselves from the unfair world. How do we see that curve. Trying is not going to help. Turning around is useless as mist of time has buried all that went past. But we can remain alert. Very alert not to miss that small window to oasis which flips open for a moment and then closes again. Not to miss this time. Not at all. It is just before the station of boredom but after that hectic journey of achievement and the station of futility where we change the train for next destination of achievement. Look out for it with closed eyes if the abyss eludes the open eyes. No reason to miss it. That cool breeze carrying the fragrance of bloom says it so.

© Sandeep Bhalla


About Sandeep Bhalla

A lawyer, thinker, author, Linux/Ubuntu power user but often an economist or gardener or philosopher or cook or photographer depending upon the current thought and environment. View all posts by Sandeep Bhalla

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