Socialising with incommunicado!

Every person is right. Well that is an understatement. Truth is that no one is completely wrong ever. Even when a person is wrong, there is always a justification which makes it the problem of somebody else. With the above background of justification, for every kind of conduct, no person is liable to anything.

Falling off the grid

Fortunately there are only a few people who actually operate from the aforesaid centre of morality. But those who do operate, are dangerously ambitious.
For past many years, it has been developing into a regular practice to avoid making ‘first contact’ with such persons. With ‘first contact’ means ‘to start a conversation’, either socially or online. These are the people always looking for prey. How they do it, is a matter of experience. Now it appears that these people must be avoided at all costs because they are not only shameless liars but do not mean anything what they say. Attempt to converse with them is like trying to decipher quaking of duck. All the right noise but no meaning. All the display of compassion but only display, nothing more.
There have been variety of reasons for such quaking. Some of reasons may be summed up as under:
1. Talking to steer the conversation to a specific point where they will give their brilliant proposal or seek one.
2. Talking while mind is busy thinking how to ‘use’ this prey. Suggest him something, which compels him to seek ‘my’ help? Or dangle my contacts with the tacit promise of help? Conversation is slow and unnatural.
3. Person is proxy of his wife, husband, mother, father, boss or any Mr. X. It means nothing for what is said unless approved by right person. What is the point in talking to this person. Better talk to decision maker.
4. Some people are full of horrible stories about people or corruption or falling morality etc. but never bothering to check their own conduct. Listening to such palaver is like listening to broken record.
5. Then there are those who can not stop talking about their work, achievements, even if couched as boring activity, places they visited, people they met etc. Just a monologue, continuing for ever taking interruptions as stimuli and cue.
6. The children talkers are another kind. Recently I gave a lift to a policeman. In the course of two hour journey he would steer almost every conversation to his two sons, who were studying while supporting themselves. So much so that at the end I had to ask him in a subtle way, if his wife was alive, but not in those many words. She was alive and managing household but could not make into the conversation.
7. Then there are Sniffer dogs, who visit before the arrival of their bosses to assess the position and views of the target. It is nearly impossible to avoid them. Unlike real dogs, they are amiable and often charming. Their visit is itself the conversation, indicative of future arrival. Talk is all quaking.
8. Another kind of visitors are those looking for respectable guests to attend the wedding in their family. For selfish people who did nothing without material objective, gathering crowd for parties is not easy. They start visiting relatives and acquaintances, well in advance on flimsy pretext, so that when they visit with invitation cards, they do not seem stranger. This is especially true in Delhi where commuting for an hour on each side is a norm besides wasting several hours at the function itself. Not everybody is ready to do that for free drink and food, how exotic these may be.
The artificial smiles and twinkles in eyes, tender words and false insistence etc. start to look like D grade TV soap or ‘Nukkad Natak’. Nauseating and choking at the same time. TV has created far many actors then we see on TV itself.
Apart from incommunicado, what else can be the option for any person who can see it?

Please share your views.

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