Communication, gossip and speech.

About speech:

Speech is unique gift to humans. Other creatures can only yearn for speech while few may imitate human speech without understanding a word.
We take our speech for granted. However communication with speech is not always easy, we have already seen that. So what we do when we are not really trying to communicate?


We gossip. We speak about some past experience or yearning desire to imitate some body doing something or visiting someplace etc. While we narrate our story, the other person, picks a word from our story and starts narrating his story. If both are drunk, the act becomes too obvious; if not it takes a while to notice that conversation will reach no-where and shall remain now-here. Gossip also happens to be national pass time of average Indian.
However, unless we are careful, this palaver is often cause of much trouble. While nobody notices what other person intended, it is easy to get offended by a story by presuming that it was directed at us. We can use the talent of our mind to reach to the rational conclusion that the offensive piece was aimed at ‘me’, ‘my family’, ‘my belief’ or something or somebody, I identify myself with.
An obvious conclusion would be to stay away from palaver. But that is not easy. Not because it is a pattern of habit we have acquired but because we ‘need’ it. How?
Do we sing? Yes? No? Maybe?

Speech and silence

All right, let us try to speak about any subject for few minutes before mirror. It has to be spontaneous speech. No reading. Past or present. Narrate a story. What happened? We were so engrossed in the story that mind came to a screeching halt in which there was no thought travelling in any direction. Try another time and this time, while speaking try to plan for things to do on next Sunday. It would be better to record the both speeches. The second one would have jerks and pauses. Human mind has one processor/brain/mind and when multi-tasking, it’s shortcoming stand exposed.
Conclusion is that we need to gossip to get rid of the mind by keeping it tied down to speech.
What happens if we do not speak for a while? An hour. Six hours. A day.
That is mystery worth discovering, to notice the movement of mind in real time.

4 thoughts on “Communication, gossip and speech.

  1. Well, I’m glad you realize that I am wiser than you. The explanation lies totally in my humility which you will never find surpassed, The only quality I have which rivals it is my narcissism….with irony coming in a distant third!


  2. That was astute, as always. The “glib speech of habit” is a trap that I find myself often falling into, even re “spiritual” matters which if truly “spiritual” would not have minimal “glibness” and tons of silence. I enjoy reading your posts because they always reveal that “presence” that I admire, a “presence” which I know must be an asset in the whole of your life. Thanks.


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