Control freak in old age


Spirit of domination is imbibed in humans. We, as automatons, do not even notice when we crossed the path of another. The control freak is an extreme creature who can not help but to control everything. To control things, to ensure best to all. However the problem is that one’s best is not everyone’s best. Those obliged to subordination, politely get out of the way with flimsy excused. Others part way with declaration that this is unacceptable. In either case control freak is left to its own affairs.
The problem arises when health is at stake.

Health is something not easily controllable. Unless life is lived carefully with all attention towards health, one can not easily steer through. Restoration to pristine condition is a tall order which gradually becomes impossible, as the body gets older and older.
The old age is real hell for a control freak. Health not taking the anxieties of being in control. Mind refusing to accept the actuality of frail health and the obvious possibility of being not in control. The struggle between mind and body gets intense. Frail body awaits but the mind not used to relaxed state refuses to relent. Control freak oscillate between anxiety and immobility and languishes. Help from others is perceived humiliating and generally ignored when not actually obstructed. Who can help a control freak in ill health unless he/she collapses and loses all control.
Old age, takes away many privileges of life. Gradual decline in resources, takes away reason from others to bear the control freak. Shunned and all alone here lies a control freak who wonders what went wrong as he/she was doing the duty to protect others by keeping them out of harm’s way.

शुभ कामनाएँ।

Pic. courtsey: IBN live.

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