When Umbrella becomes the closest relative


It appears that clouds and rain had a date with sun. It started with heavy rain which was more of a deluge. We had to take the dots out of emergency water exits. It started a little after 5, with sun rise, showed its fury and slowed down. After a while the torrential spell of rain appeared with thundering and lightening. Perhaps furious at office going crowd which ventured despite early warning. It was the day when Umbrella became the closest relative. Office goers and commuters had a real experience of rainy reason.

Traffic with its usual difficulty had insurmountable sea of vehicles and commuters. Every person, irrespective of time of starting the journey missed morning appointments. They wished if it was a Sunday.
The drizzle continued till about noon when it abruptly stopped. In the late afternoon the sun also appeared and tormented by adding heat to the humidity.
The day started with Umbrella. At late evening the rain appeared once again. I wonder if it is goodnight. The drizzle continue as I punch these letters.
However it is amazing that here in New Delhi, Umbrella is more popular among feminine population. At this hour, most male population preferred to suffer the drizzle on their head rather to carry Umbrella. It was not much different in morning. Any how my closest friend remained Umbrella. It will be so unless weather turns the true friends apart. Me loyally carrying it and it unfolding at proper time to save me from rain.
How else we treat our friends, anyway? Do we treat them any better when we do not have their need?

Thanks my friend and good night.

4 thoughts on “When Umbrella becomes the closest relative

  1. ahhhh…rains……can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. with umbrella or without umbrella. the only condition wud be no work…….loved that half dry and half wet patch, in sync with this mood. nice read. šŸ™‚


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