Indian Independence Day 2013


Patriotism is as oscillating an emotion as any other. It rides on demand and supply. Unfortunately, of danger. Presently there is no apparent threat and hence in my one hour stroll, in the morning, around the locality, could not notice a single national flag the tricolor. No sound of speech of Prime Minister on televisions. Why bother when he is accepted as a non governing proxy rubber stamp. Jokes are there on every social medium.

Nation is often is confused with government and sometimes, rightly. The people get the Government they deserve and Government get the citizens they deserve.
The Indian middle class who constitute for bulk of economic resources are a minuscule of population situated in urban areas. While the rest of poor billions elect governments on trusting rhetoric.
Next year is election year and the Prime Minister in his usual manner failed to address any problem except the ‘secularism’ which is key word for forming unethical alliances is coalition politics.
Poor who could not afford vegetables or pulses earlier were forced to eat bread with onion are forced further down with unusually high onion prices. Prime Minister as an economist could not share his reasons for dismal failure in containing inflation or the fact that currency has fallen to all time lowest, by 40%, something which happens to nations, in wars.
Meanwhile the main opposition party is dealing with its crises of leadership compounded by the fact that it looks more similar to ruling party except the dynastic rule and corruption.
Who said that the democracy is not the best form of Government but merely that it is least hostile to citizens. So be it.

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