Reading J Krishnamurti

Reading and understanding Jiddu Krishnamurthy is not easy. So I am told. But the problem lies somewhere else. First, there are no books authored by J. Krishnamurti or ‘K’ as he called himself or ‘Krishnaji’ as every one else called him. Most of the books are compilations of his talks with people. Some are compilation of extracts from various talks e.g. ‘Freedom from the known’. The foremost problem lies in the fact that we are habitual of a theme or ideology and expect that a book would lay down an abstract principle and explain it but J.Krishnamurti is just the opposite.

He does talk about various phenomenon of psychological actions of life but has tries to demolish the ideologies in our mind and his attempt is to think ‘originally’ in respect of each action to see ‘what is’.
While his talks are circumscribed by the questions put to him, his answers never affirm or agree to anything. His answers are aimed at forcing us to pause and observe ourselves in our daily lives and find out the answer to the questions our selves by seeing clearly unobstructed by our memories (a.k.a. experience).
It is therefore must be understood that any book (talk) with him is an experiment with the mind. The contents of book may be important but even more important is that we do not let our past experiences or meanings of the words hinder us from understanding it.
While reading a pulp fiction like Dan Brown or Rushdie may take a few hours or at worst days, it takes months or years to fully understand Krishnamurti as reading and understanding do not go hand in hand. Slipping back and re-reading and observing ourselves in action is part of the whole process of understanding his talks. Any person hoping to read Krishnamurti like a novel or scriptures, without pauses at appropriate places and self observation for days or months would definitely fail to understand anything.
The core of his teaching if I may say so, is to see the ‘voidness’ and understand to live in it with ‘voidness’. In fact it is same as any other eastern philosophy which lie buried under heap of deceptive rituals and obsolete linguistic details. Every time an explanation is offered, it becomes an idea which is chased without actually understanding the life itself. Therefore Krishnamurti asks to shun all ideas, notions and principles and be awake to life.
The above are my words not any ideology and therefore must be ignored before attempting to read. It would be a good advise to keep our knowledge/experiences stashed away if we want to understand J. Krishnamurti. Those who do not understand have only themselves to blame. Nobody else had been more explicit.
Note: Do not read Krishnamruti if you have desire to learn or to learn more. Read only if we find that there is some problem with learning or what we learned.

2 thoughts on “Reading J Krishnamurti

  1. Your caveat at the close is important for I am one of those who fill my emptiness with a hunger for knowledge.. But,having seen that contrivance of the ego-ridden monkey mind, it does not work as well and I find myself more amenable to the “voidness” that you spoke of.


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