Soldier of Ambition and wounded living!

Dangers of ambition.

Ambition is the most dangerous element which makes the human the most beastly of the beasts. Greed is another facet of ambition. So what the label ambition define? To put it in most simplest terms, ambition is a desire to become! To become somebody. To become extraordinary. To be bowed by others. To be spiritual or near to divine or God. To have certain possessions or to live life in a certain pattern. To live life like a billionaire or the way certain celebrity lived. The last one hinges on extreme idiocy as well, for nobody knows the state of happiness of celebrity till they are discovered in rehab or dead from suicide.

Desire to be extra-ordinary.

This desire to be extra-ordinary seems to be most ordinary desire of most of us. There are two questions which may arise: Why? And: How?
The first question is purely philosophical and involves understanding of human mind but the second question involves an active observation of our mind and actions. The inquiry into second question therefore leads to emancipation and a better quality of life which must be pursued for the reasons being stated here-under.

Quality of life.

First and foremost problem of ambition is the cycle of anxiety and despair. While night is spent in sleepless anxiety called insomnia, the morning is hell of despair and it turns into anxiety which needs to be cooled down with caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and pot, if not more. The future, the utopia which is the target of our ambition keeps shifting farther away. Sometime changing its face sometime denouncing the ladder just climbed. It gives no moment of respite. A person whose name is ‘light for the world’ ends up in dark tunnel of despair without knowing how he/she ended up there.

Need and necessity.

Ambition works in a subtle way with innocuous appearance. Always hiding its traces from the operating thought. Often camouflaged as ‘need‘ or ‘necessity of circumstances‘. But never permitting a moment of solace or pause of satisfaction by looking backward. Looking backward with a sense of achievement is blasphemy which shall cause indolence and worse satisfaction which can not be permitted to a soldier of ambition. The target is out there. March on. No rest till then.

The marching soldier

The poor soldier, if reaches the destination which if not moved forward already, is too wounded to enjoy or even notice. In the zest to conquer, soldier of ambition has left too many friends being, missing or dead. The loneliness which was the cause of the whole journey fuelled by ambition, is now even more unbearable.
We can see these wounded soldiers of ambition all around us. Some marching ahead while some are licking their wounds. Some realizing the wasted opportunity to live while others too overwhelmed by delirium of ambition to notice anything.

Alas! Wasted lives with wounded souls. All without reason.

3 thoughts on “Soldier of Ambition and wounded living!

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  2. Oh, very nice and well spoken. Astute! Ambition applied to “spirituality” is so apt…and kind of scary! For, some of us from childhood on were “programmed” to achieve “greatness” in spirituality, not realizing the absurdity of the ambition. My hero and mentor, T. S. Eliot, advocated a “condition of complete simplicity, costing not less than everything” which includes “spirituality.” Thanks so much.


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